Monday, December 15, 2008

Unanimous Bipartisan Report (Political Verse)

by Dee Newman

The Senate Armed Services Committee’s
Unanimous bipartisan report
On the administration’s policies
Concerning torture concludes: a consort
Of senior Bush officials and agents
Adopted procedures for the abuse
And torture of enemy combatants,
Authorizing such methods as the use
Of psychotropic drug therapy
To facilitate interrogations
Of detainees in U.S. custody,
Clearly, criminal law violations.
When photographs and other incidents
Of torture began to surface, a defense
Plan was devised to shield all the President’s
Men from the incriminating evidence.
To frustrate future judicial pursuits,
They launched a campaign to put the blame on
A small group of "undisciplined recruits"
Who, they maintained, were “acting on their own.”
The “aggressive techniques” they claim have kept
Us safe were found to be impediments
To our ability to intercept
And collect accurate intelligence,
         Strengthening the hand of our enemy
         And weakening our moral authority.

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