Saturday, February 14, 2009

Another Good Ass-Kicking

Political Verse
by Dee Newman

The Grand Old Party with help from The Press
Has fought hard to paint the stimulus bill
As a liberal orgy of excess
Spending, worse than F.D.R.’s New Deal
Which, according to them, was a hopeless
Failure. Claiming the stimulus plan will
Only cause further economic stress,
They attempted to sabotage the bill,
Calling it “generational theft.” Yes,
The same folks who managed to turn a real
Surplus into a huge deficit in less
Than six years, have the chutzpah and ill-will
To accuse the Democrats in Congress
Of “larding up” Obama’s stimulus bill
With a bunch of progressive, contentious
Pork projects, they claim, are non-essential.
Have they no shame? They created the mess!
They barrowed and spent and passed more pork filled
Legislation than any other Congress.
And now, they have the gall to squeal
Indignantly about the stimulus
Package and its content. That wheel and deal
Mentality of theirs that desires less
Stimulus spending and more failed fiscal
Policies of the Bush years is a callous,
Fist-clenched attempt to obstruct real
Significant economic progress,
For they know, if Obama succeeds, they’ll
Lose, and they will, once again, be licking
Their wounds after another good ass-kicking.

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