Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Court ruling favors Franken

From Politico By MANU RAJU | 3/31/09 5:06 PM EDT Updated: 3/31/09 6:15 PM EDT

Norm Coleman and Al Franken

Democrats are hailing a ruling from a three-judge panel saying it will make it difficult for Coleman to win.

A three judge panel has dealt a blow to Norm Coleman’s efforts to retake the lead in the Minnesota Senate race, putting at most 400 ballots in play — far fewer than what the Republican pushed for during the seven-week recount trial.

In its third week of deliberations, the state court on Tuesday afternoon issued a ruling ordering absentee ballots to be turned over to the Minnesota Secretary of State’s Office by April 6. The ballots would then be counted in open court by April 7. In the minutes after the ruling was issued, Democrats began trumpeting the decision, saying that Coleman’s ability now to retake the lead is a tall order.

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