Wednesday, March 25, 2009

President Obama's Primetime Press Conference

by Dee Newman

Focusing on the nation's ailing economy, the tone of President Obama's second primetime press conference was compassionate and pragmatic, as well as, intensely serious and politically defiant.

Throughout the evening he continued to emphasize that despite the economic and international crises his administration has inherited and the obstacles that impede the nation’s progress, he has the persistence and perseverance to prevail, the patience to endure the struggle and the pragmatism to successfully deal with all the many problems we face.

Recognizing and speaking to the country’s outrage over the financial community’s incompetence and greed, he cautioned that sometimes such anger could impede long-term goals.

"Bankers and executives on Wall Street need to realize that enriching themselves on the taxpayers' dime is inexcusable, that the days of out-sized rewards and reckless speculation that puts us all at risk have to be over," But, the President when on to say. "At the same time, the rest of us can't afford to demonize every investor or entrepreneur who seeks to make a profit. That drive is what has always fueled our prosperity, and it is what will ultimately get these banks lending and our economy moving once more."

All but two of the questions asked of the President last night focused directly on the economy and domestic issues.

He told the press core and the American people, “We have been in office now for a little more than 60 days. What I am confident about is that we are moving in the right direction."

The theme of the night was “patience.” No matter the question, his answer seemed to emphasize that in order for fundamental change to occur we will all need to find the wherewithal to endure the hard times that lay ahead.

Recognizing the nation’s desire to see quick solutions he acknowledged his political capital may be eclipsed by the economic crisis he had inherited. The President predicted, though, that, with time and patience, the measures his administration are taking would eventually stabilize the financial and housing markets and spur growth in our economy.

He closed by say, "What I am confident about is that we're moving in the right direction and that the decisions we're making are based on, how are we going to get this economy moving? How are we going to put Americans back to work? How are we going to make sure that our people are safe? And how are we going to create not just prosperity here, but work with other countries for global peace and prosperity? And we are going to stay with it as long as I'm in this office . . . “

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