Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Keep Voting Safe Now! Don't Delay to 2012!

I received the following email from Vote Safe TN:

It's time to stand up again and defend voter rights in Tennessee!

HB0614 has been placed on the calendar for the Budget Subcommittee of the House Finance Committee, to be heard Wednesday, April 29 at 11 a.m. This bill would change the Voter Confidence Act, which you helped pass last year, and move the implementation date to 2012 instead of 2010. What good reason is there for delaying optical scan and paper ballots for two more years, especially when we have a gubernatorial race in 2010? We can't think of any reason! We need the security of paper ballots, recounts, and audits!

Please call or email the legislators below and urge them to OPPOSE House Bill 0614 because:

1) Optical scan is less expensive than touch screen machines.

2) Every vote needs to be counted! It provides election security for the voter. And recounts are possible in close elections.

3) Several counties including Cheatham County used optical scan for early voting in 2008 and it was very successful- people liked it a lot and there were very short lines!

Please contact these House Committees by calling or emailing today or tomorrow morning:

(Email addresses are like this: rep.


Rep. Harry Tindell, Chair 741-2031

Charles Sargent, vice Chair 741-6808

Joe Armstrong 741-0768

Lois DeBerry 741-3830

Craig Fitzhugh 741-2134

Michael Harrison 741-4780

Steve McDaniel 741-0750

Richard Montgomery 741-5981

Jason Mumpower 741-2050

Jimmy Naifeh 741-0944

Gary Odom 741-4410

Dennis Roach 741-2534

Donna Rowland 741-2804

Johnny Shaw 741-4538

Also contact Gov. Phil Bredesen at 741-2001

Your voice is needed now! Please call!

More info needed? See our website at

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