Thursday, April 16, 2009

There's More to the Story Than What We've Been Told

by Dee Newman

Both the vision and the decision
To pursue Captain Phillips’ rescue
Was achieved with cool, calm precision,
Revealing to the world, and us too,
That we are finally in the hands
Of a person worthy of our trust,
A leader who clearly understands
What is truly in the interest
Of our nation and what is not.
Though, there’s much for us to celebrate,
There is more to the story than what
The western media has, to date,
Reported. Those, who we have reviled
As pirates, the Somali’s regard
As heroes, defenders of their defiled
Waters – their “Volunteer Coastguard.”
Giant European trawlers have been
Looting their coastal waters for years.
Others have dumped tons of toxic waste in
The Indian Ocean that appears,
Later, washed up on Somali shores.
Whole villages have been infected
With fatal afflictions and oozing sores–
Facts about which our press neglected
To inform us. Not until we end
Our exploitation of their nation’s
Natural resources and defend
Their rights and aspirations,
Will Somali’s, once again, ensure
Our ships safe passage without seizure.

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