Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hannity Goes Head-To-Head With Ventura

And, Ventura comes out more than a head above Hannity.

Hannity tries to defend Bush with an absurd counter to Ventura's argument that Obama inherited the worst economic disaster since the Great depression. He tells Ventura "George Bush inherited the negative impact of 9/11."

Believe it or not, that's what Hannity asserted. He actually tried to convince his audience that Bush "inherited" the fallout of an event that happened nine months into his term.

Ventura, was stunned! Momentarily, lost for words. But, he recovered quickly.

Hannity then launched into a weird and rambling diatribe about how the Clinton administration's inattention to terrorists had caused 9/11.

Ventura calmly repudiates it:

HANNITY: There were a group of radicals that were at war with the United States and we weren't at war with them. We saw the first Trade Center bombing, the Embassy bombings, the USS Cole, and we think radicals that think God is going to reward them in Heaven with virgins. Jesse, how do you stop them?

VENTURA: Well, you pay attention to memos on August 6 that tell you exactly what bin Laden's gonna do.

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