Thursday, May 21, 2009

Obama Vs. Cheney: Truth Vs. Untruth – No Contest!

by Dee Newman

On one side we have an extremely popular and trustworthy sitting President delivering an important speech on U. S. foreign policy at the National Archives with the United States Constitution as a backdrop.

On the other side we have a disgraced former Vice President with a 13 percent approval rating from the American people trying, once gain, to unsuccessfully defend the indefensible for a fee to a small room full of political cronies.

Now, to describe this so-called historic event as NBC’s Chuck Todd did to his colleague, David Gregory, as the “ultimate debate” between “the most credible people you could have arguing each side” seems to be a bit ludicrous.

Dick Cheney, credible? If he is the most credible person the GOP can find to defend their position, they have a major problem.

Here are the two speeches. You decide if this was the “ultimate debate” between the most "credible" people you could have arguing each side?

I had only one concern about the President's speech – "prolonged detention" to prevent future attacks. How could that be Constitutional?

Watch below as Cheney, once again, uses fear, falsehoods and “keeping us safe” from another 9/11 attack to justify torture and other crimes against humanity, while linking the invasion of Iraq and Saddam Hussein to 9/11 and weapons of mass destruction (including nuclear weapons).

In another lame attempt to try to explain and defend their use of “harsh interrogation techniques,” Cheney argues the Bush administration focused on Iraq because al Qaeda was seeking nuclear weapons and since Iraq had nuclear weapons and "known ties" to terrorists, they "might transfer such weapons to terrorists."

It should not be a huge surprise to anyone that Cheney would lie, once more, about Iraq’s ties to al Qaeda and WMD’s, but to tell those lies while trying to defend torture and discredit President Obama’s national defense efforts should, once and for all, render him a pathetic, pathological liar.

For those of you who did not see the Steve Kroft Interview with President Obama on 60 Minutes where he described the former Vice President's policies as essentially a complete and utter failure – view the following:

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