Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cheney Continues to Defend Crimes Against Humanity

by Dee Newman

The former Vice President continues his defense of the indefensible.

While refusing to confess that it was on his watch that the 9/11 attacks occurred in the first place, allowing 3000 U. S. citizens to be killed, Bush’s former Vice President obstinately proclaims that what kept us safe from further attacks over the last seven years was the Bush Administration’s use of "enhanced interrogation techniques" (TORTURE). And, that the Obama Administration is putting American citizens in danger of another 9/11 attack by refusing to use them.

His persistent and intractable defense conveniently fails to recognize that providing al Qaeda convenient and easy targets in their own backyard by attacking Iraq (allowing them to kill another 4000 plus Americans over there, rather than traveling halfway around the world to kill Americans here) was, perhaps, the real reason another 9/11 attack did not occur.

Either Cheney is an idiot (which we all know he isn’t) or his defense of the indefensible is another effort to use FEAR to undermine the Obama Administration, while secretly hoping for another al Qaeda attack on our homeland to try and justify his and Bush’s reprehensible and criminal conduct.

Ironically, Cheney’s unrelenting efforts to conceal the truth clearly points out why an independent investigation and prosecution must be implemented immediately. Otherwise, we will continue to have this man (a former Vice President of the United States of America) superciliously defend and support crimes against humanity.

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