Monday, July 6, 2009

Change or Much of the Same?

by Dee Newman

If the success and effectiveness of a president is determined and defined as the ability to pass and implement his or hers programs and policies, then history will, most assuredly, conclude that George W. Bush was an extremely successful and effective president.

Regrettably, for the citizens of our nation, the reckless programs and principles on which his policies were based lacked the prudent, reasonable and rational forethought necessary to maintain a secure and fiscally healthy nation.

On-the-other-hand, what good is a President who may have inspiring policies and exceptional programs but lacks the personal and political courage or ability to pass and implement them?

We voted for Change! So far, we have gotten – much of the same. This is not the "Change" for which we campaigned, gave our contributions, our time and energy, and our HOPE.

President Obama and the Congressional Democrats have the necessary votes right now to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, establish universal health care for all Americans, build a green economy, and establish and implement some real regulations on Wall street if they only had the political will and courage to do so.

As of today, they obviously – don’t!

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Matthew said...

Obama first has to learn how to be a President. Just because he was elected by his campaign slogan “Change” you can not immediately assume this is all he would do. Obama sold the American on what he believed they wanted, not what we needed. Give him some time, as he figures it all out, he will eventually figure out how to make significant change. Right now, all he needs to worry about is Killing Terrorist and turning the economy around.