Sunday, July 19, 2009

Verse: Following the Death of Walter Cronkite

by Dee Newman

Following the death of Walter Cronkite,
The praise and tributes began pouring in –
“The best newsman ever.” “My favorite.”
“We’ll never see the likes of him again.”

“The best journalist who ever anchored
The nightly news.” “A voice of certainty
In an uncertain world." “He's the standard.”
"Iconic." “Authentic.” “Legendary."

If those folks who report the news today
Would take a moment and consider why
Mr. Cronkite was able to convey
And inspire such trust in his viewers "by

Just reporting the news" that he became
“The most trusted and respected man in
America,” then they just might reclaim
Their integrity and begin, again,
          To present (both in print and on the air)
          The news that is truly – balanced and fair.

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