Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Plume Line: Michael Steele Lacked Health Insurance For Years, Told Kids Not To “Break Anything”

Greg Sargent's blog

Hoo boy, this one’s rich. Turns out that RNC chair Michael Steele, who agreed approvingly that health care failure could be Obama’s “Waterloo,” himself lacked health insurance for years and even advised his own children not to get hurt because he couldn’t afford to pay their medical bills.

A Democrat points out that these revelations can be found in two pieces about Steele that ran during his failed 2006 Maryland Senate campaign. In November of that year, The Washington Post reported on Steele’s opposition to universal health care this way:
Steele’s position reflects his experience as a self-employed consultant who went for three years without health insurance.

Steele even confessed on the stump that this led him to tell his kids to take extra care with their health, according to an October 2006 WaPo article:
He told an audience in a recent speech that his family went without health insurance for three years.
“Don’t break anything, because Daddy can’t afford to fix it,” he recalled telling his sons then.

Steele, presumably, now has insurance, so his family doesn’t have to be quite so careful. Yet in an internal memo obtained by HuffPo, the RNC says it will “engage in every activity” to slow down a proposal that could give insurance to people who currently have to hope their kids don’t “break anything” because they “can’t afford to fix it.”

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