Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dollar Analysis

by Jack Reeves

We are so used to repressing, suppressing and seeking distraction from the terror of life and our ultimate demise that we can look at a dollar bill and not see that the familiar symbols and words relate to mortality, specifically death. We deal with death by madness – psychosis that passes for normalcy.

Pascal captured existential truth: "not to be mad would amount to another form of madness."

He saw behind the mask of all humans.

The costs of pretending not to be mad describe the human condition . . .

 "A dollar bill is humorous because it is incongruent."


* United States of America (Union for order, welfare, protection)
* George Washington (Father of the County/protection)
* Legal tender (payment for sustaining goods, services)
* Federal Reserve (treasury for economic security)
* Washington, DC (seat of government and protection)
* Balance/scale (to resolve conflicts which threaten order)
* Signatures (authority symbols )
* Serial numbers (order imposed on chaos)

* Eagle (bird of prey)
* Arrows in talon (missiles clutched by the claw of a bird of prey)
* Pyramid (place of burial or sacrifice)
* Eye of Providence (God, divine guidance)
* The Great Seal of the USA (combines several)
* 1776 (war)
* Shield (defensive armor)
* Annuit Coeptis (He/diety approves the things which have been begun.)
* E pluibus unum (From many comes one. Unity, order)
* Flag on shield (13 stripes, 13 stars)* (Confederation) Both are symbols. Flag: identity; shield: protection

A very interesting contradiction: Novus ordo seclorum (New secular order) Motto: In God We Trust.

Deity, Death, Order, Survival, Protection  (DDOSP) = a Dollar

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