Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lieberman is a Liar

Lieberman told reporters today that if a public health insurance option was in the final health care bill, he would join a Republican filibuster to prevent it from getting an up or down vote.

Lieberman claims the public option will be costly to taxpayers, drive up premiums, force cost-shifting to private plans, create another entitlement program, and increase the national debt.

His assertions are completely bogus. The public option would in fact save money for the government. According to the Congressional Budget Office, it will reduce costs to the tune of $100 billion dollars over 10 years. Furthermore, a public option would also cost taxpayer nothing, since it would be financed by individual premiums. In short Joseph Lieberman is a liar.

But why? Why is he lying?

Two reason: First,  he has been bought by the health insurance industry – accepting over $1 million from them. Second, relevancy – power. He wants to be able to significantly influence the debate and reduce the legislative impact on the health insurance industry.

Recent polls in Connecticut show that nearly 70% of voters there want a government run health insurance option.

Exactly who does Joseph Leiberman represent – the people of Connecticut or the health insurance industry?

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