Wednesday, October 28, 2009

by Dee Newman

Perhaps, the time has come to, at least, threaten reconciliation – the legislative process that allows a contentious budget bill in the Senate to be considered without being subject to a filibuster, needing only a simple majority to pass legislation.

Senate Democrats need to tell Joseph Lieberman and any conservative blue-dog Democrat who wishes to follow his lead what they can do with their imaginary power to direct, shape or otherwise influence anything.

Lieberman has no power or authority other than what Democrats allow him to enjoy and exercise.

As I have said before – there is much on the line. Both the Democrats and the Republicans know it.

If a health care reform bill is passed that forces all Americans to buy health insurance and it does not include a "public option," the outrage and repercussions could be devastating for Democrats.

However, if Democrats are successful in passing legislation that provides an affordable public option that will reduce health care costs, the Republican party may never recover from the defeat.

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