Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Velvet Revolution Alert:

Join Our New Campaign To Stop The Chamber Of Commerce From Undermining Health Care, Environmental Protection, Elections And Big Business Regulation!

President Obama, Nike, Apple, And Others Slam The Chamber’s War On These Initiatives The Chamber of Commerce has declared war on new initiatives to reform the banking and health care industries, and it has opposed legislation to curb global warming. In fact, it is spending over $100 million to defeat these initiatives. On Friday, President Obama slammed the Chamber for its positions on these issues, and five major companies, Nike, Apple, Exelon Energy, PG&E and Public Service Co. of NM all quit the Chamber because of its extremist position on the environment.

VR has been opposing the Chamber for years because of its involvement in the manipulation of elections and other unethical and illegal conduct. Now, in light of the the Chamber’s recent announcements, we have launched an aggressive new campaign at www.StopTheChamber.com to expose the Chamber and stop it from harming Americans. Help us by signing on to the campaign here and demanding:
    * Fire Tom Donohue. Mr. Donohue is the Chamber's CEO corrupter-in-chief who single handedly turned the Chamber "into a pay-to-play vehicle for right-wing causes and corporate dishonesty. As former New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer said, ''Tom Donohue has never once found a crime that he couldn't justify, as long as it was committed by one of his dues-paying members.'"

    * Drop Corporate Support for the Chamber. Over the past month, several large companies have abandoned the Chamber because of its anti-science stance on global warming. As Nike put it, "We fundamentally disagree with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on the issue of climate change, and their recent action challenging the E.P.A. is inconsistent with our view that climate change is an issue in need of urgent action." Our VR campaign will target companies with exposure and boycotts if they remain with the Chamber.

   * Launch A Criminal Investigation Against The Chamber For Fraud, False Tax Filings And Campaign Finance Violations. The Chamber was found to have committed fraud and campaign finance violations in Ohio by creating a front group called Citizens for a Strong Ohio and funneling millions of dollars through it to defeat Supreme Court Justice Alice Resnick. This Chamber practice is widespread and was also used against Karl Rove-targeted Mississippi Justice Oliver Diaz, and against other candidates in Indiana, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Texas, Louisiana, Michigan, West Virginia, and Arkansas. We are asking the Department of Justice to investigate these illegal practices under RICO and to review whether the Chamber is actually a political action committee rather than a trade association. See our letter to DOJ here.

    * Ask Congress To Investigate The Chamber. In addition to a criminal investigation, we want Congress to investigate the activities of the Chamber and include astroturfing and election manipulation. Send a letter to Congress here.

    * Reorganize The Chamber. The Board of the Chamber should shut down the Chamber's lobbying arm and legal reform arm, and return to being a respected trade organization rather than a partisan PAC.

    * Speak Out Against The Chamber. We ask companies, politicians and others that do not agree with the flat earth, anti science, partisan, anti people approach of the Chamber to speak out publicly against the Chamber.

We need your help to mobilize massive opposition to the Chamber and its policies. Help us spread the word outside the blogosphere with a donation so VR can make ad buys, issue press releases and mobilize the masses to pressure Congress, the Attorney General and others to take action against the Chamber.
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