Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Conyers Committed to Improving Health Care Bill in Conference Committee 

The following statement was issued today by Representative John Conyers, Jr. (D-Mich.) responding to the Senate’s historic vote to end debate and pave the way for a vote on final passage of comprehensive health insurance reform legislation:

"Last night’s vote in the Senate should be applauded for what it was, an affirmative statement that comprehensive health care reform legislation should not be held captive any longer by a select few. As this legislation moves towards its constitutionally mandated reconciliation with the House of Representatives, I want to make it clear that this legislation does not adequately address the problems that plague our current system.  It needs more improvement."

"I can only support legislation that provides quality health care that will remain affordable for working class Americans and does not exclude those who need it most. I believe it is immoral to continue to allow the private health insurance industry to remove or deny citizens coverage when they are battling a long term illness.  It is important that the repeal of the industry’s antitrust exemption is a component of the Senate Bill to prevent the continued development of monopolies throughout the country."

"For years, many workers chose to forgo wage increases in exchange for helping their employers offer comprehensive health care plans. The Senate’s efforts to tax these plans will hurt working families and directly contradict the President’s pledge that individuals who like the health coverage they have will be able to keep it."

"I am committed to ensuring that the purpose of the health care conference is not to adopt and confirm the Senate legislation in its present form but to combine and retain the better parts of both Bills."

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