Monday, December 21, 2009

Stock Prices for the Health Insurance Industry Have Shot Through the Roof
by Dee Newman

The Senate's version of health insurance reform is obviously being seen by investors as a massive public subsidy for the insurance industry and individual companies. Every since Senator Lieberman announced on October 27 that he would filibuster any Senate health insurance reform bill that included a public option, stock prices for the industry have shot through the roof.

The following is a brief breakdown of major health insurance company stock performance from Oct. 27 to Friday's market close:
* Coventry Health Care, Inc. is up 31.6 percent;

* CIGNA Corp. is up 29.1 percent;

* Aetna Inc. is up 27.1 percent;

* WellPoint, Inc. is up 26.6 percent;

* UnitedHealth Group Inc. is up 20.5 percent;

* And Humana Inc. is up 13.6 percent.

Source: Google Finance

The Health Insurance Industry has already begun to claim victory. The pay off for Republicans and conservative Democrats, Lieberman and Nelson,  from the industry will be enormous.

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