Tuesday, January 19, 2010


How to Donate a Quick $10 Bucks to the Red Cross for Haiti

Slide Show from MSNBC

If all you want to do is something quick and easy, then take your mobile phone and send the following text message: Haiti 90999

After you send it, a few minutes later you'll receive a confirmation message, to which you answer "Yes." Unfortunately, after that you will get a thank-you message, asking you if you would like to receive Red Cross junk mail.

Hopefully, a portion of the $10 bucks will actually go to help the Haitian people.

Now, if you would really like to help, go to the Doctors Without Borders site and donate $35 or more to an organization that is much less top-heavy.

So far, the world's response to this natural disaster has been slow and inadequate. Many thousands of Haitians have died and many more are going to die over the next few weeks from thirst, starvation, exposure, disease, and their injuries.

Haiti needs a Marshall Plan, but short of that, they need our help.

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