Monday, January 25, 2010

Pennsylvania Govenor Ed Rendell Says "Make Them Filibuster!"

Govenor Rendell told ABC News in an interview for Good Morning America:
My message to Democrats is don’t be afraid . . . Listen, you got elected because you wanted to do something to change the quality of people’s lives – here we have a chance to do something historic and if it means some of us are going to lose because of that so be it. At least you will have lost your office fighting for something and accomplishing something."

Talking directly to his fellow Democrats in Washington, DC, he said, "get the best bill as strong and as tight as you can then send it back to the Senate and let’s see if they (Republicans) are going to filibuster.

Make them filibuster!  Make them go before the America people. Make the American people look at a modern day spectacle of what a filibuster would entail.
I think it’s time to call their bluff. I think it is too easy to throw up your hands and say, "We don’t have 60 votes." Remember its 51 votes for passage, they have to filibuster. Make them filibuster!

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