Monday, January 18, 2010

Political Verse

The Postulations of a Political Hack
by Dee Newman  

The insensitive and stupid comments
Made by televangelist Pat Robertson
Proclaiming the devastating events
In Haiti to be God’s retribution

For Haitians making a “pact with the devil”
To gain their independence from France
In 1804 is a deplorable,
Shameful, and ridiculous contrivance.

This is not the first time this demented
Old fool has spewed out bizarre and absurd
Distortions of facts and misrepresented
The Holly Bible’s divine will and word.

In 2005 he told newscasters
That Dover, Pennsylvania, would
Suffer a series of disasters
From God, because the town had voted

Out those school board members who had aligned
Their support behind a resolution
To teach Intelligent Design
Over the theory of evolution.

During that same year, he also swore
Hurricane Katrina was just a portion
Of the punishment God had in store
For the U.S. legalizing abortion.

The apocalyptic revelations
That routinely flow from his demoniac
Mouth are merely the postulations
Of an extreme right-wing political hack.

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