Thursday, January 28, 2010

Supreme Judical Activism

 by Dee Newman

I apologize to my readers for the anger that inflames my outrage over the recent Supreme Court ruling, reversing a century of law and allowing even foreign corporations to influence and manipulate with unlimited funds our elections, but there are circumstances (decisions and actions) that deserve more than our displeasure and criticism. They demand from us a thunderous outcry that cannot be ignored.

Multi-national corporations need only spend a small fraction of their profits to obscure and overwhelm the voices of individual citizens. Corporations have – for these reasons and others – been barred from spending unlimited funds on political races for as long as I have been alive. They are not people. They do not possess the same ideals and moral imperatives as do individual citizens. Therefore, they do not deserve the same rights.

The conservative and activist wing of the Supreme Court ignored not only well-established law and commonsense precedent, but the wishes of Congress. All five of these conservative Justices as nominees professed their commitment to judicial modesty and restraint. But, once again, they have allowed their ideology to brazenly indulge their political desires and override the rule of law.

If you are as outraged as I am over their blatant judicial activism, I hope you will join me in taking meaningful action to help right this terrible wrong. Please write or call your congressional representative and senators today and encourage them to pass legislation that will reverse this despicable act. Thank you.

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mythopolis said...

It would help if mass media would spend more time looking into the members of the court, and the nature of their decisions. As they stand, they seem like a secret society of some kind!