Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Brief Thought . . .

by Dee Newman

Last week, President Obama addressed a House Republican retreat. For those of you who witnessed the exchanged between the President and his opposition, you saw not only a rare political event, but also a blunt, revealing, remarkable, and refreshing exercise in democracy.

The beneficiaries of these kinds of public interactions are the citizens of our nation. When we are able to hear both sides, we are better able to form judgments on the policies being pursued and the values that support and reinforce them.

Unfortunately, the so-called “fair and balanced” network, Fox News, refused to air the Q&A portion of the President’s address.  Instead, they delivered (as they often do) a series of unfair and unbalanced commentaries on the President's performance without allowing their viewers to make those judgments for themselves.

My question is . . . why?


mythopolis said...

Ummm...seems the so-called political pundits are always jockeying for their own air time. They pop up both before and after Presidential presentations. They love to tell us ahead of time, what the President will say. Afterward, they make their own judgement calls as to what was said, and what it means. I don't mind this if it comes from a clearly learned person. The others are just 'patsys' of one kind or another.

Dee Newman said...

How true! How true!