Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Few Thoughts for Today (Verse)

by Dee Newman

Life begins and ends
In mystery – in between,
Lies savage beauty.

When absent, touch seems
To be as necessary
As air and sunlight.

Is art the effort
To create a different

Should despicable
Acts and deeds be entitled
To escape disgrace?

Are we what we are
Because we are not what we
Could or should be?

Is a man wretched
Whose motives and actions make
His deeds infamous?

Do you know which is
The product of the other –
Drama or people?

Do all poems express
A mood or an emotion


mythopolis said...

When absent, touch seems as essential as air and true!

mythopolis said...

oops...mis-quoted you, but still the same meaning I guess.