Saturday, February 6, 2010

From Doggie Doodles by Dina

Last night while attending the opening of an art exhibition of a good friend of mine, Sydney Reichman, at the Centennial Art Center, I met a young woman, Dina Capitani.

A month ago, tomorrow, Dina's mother died. The following is from her website, Doggie Doddles by Dina.

Dear Friends,

My beloved Mom, my biggest fan and supporter, and co-founder of Doggie Doodles by Dina, unexpectedly passed away on January 7, 2010. She was a huge part of my life. There are no words to describe what an influence and inspiration she was. She was a writer, a poet, a patriot and a prayer warrior. She was a meticulous hard worker, a hilarious jokester and a passionate debater. Her love for my brother and me was unfathomable. She worked diligently for the past 5 years as my editor, desktop publisher, bookkeeper, personal assistant and business partner for no pay but to see her daughter happy. Besides being a wonderful mom, she was a great friend to everyone who knew her. She was my best friend, soul mate, collaborator and partner in crime. There really are no words to adequately describe this brilliant, kind, vibrant, beautiful, loving, generous, creative, talented, hysterically funny and unbelievably adorable woman who was my mother. I will miss her dearly. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers at this most difficult and surreal time in my life.

I have set up a memorial website in her honor at the following link. Please visit and offer your thoughts if you feel so inclined. Thank you.

Melodye and Dina  "Best Friends Forever"

Melodye aka "Momma Doodle" and Dina aka "Dinker Doodle" goofing off with the webcam at the Doggie Doodles by Dina kiosk in September 2009.

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mythopolis said...

Well, she certainly has my sympathies. Her mom looks like a fun loving person, and it was sweet to watch the video.