Friday, February 26, 2010

From Harpers and The Daily Show

Health Care and Meat Inspectors: Obama at the Health Care Summit

Poor Obama. It must be hard being so much smarter than his political opponents, which was so evident at yesterday’s health care summit. Of course, being smart doesn’t always lead to smart policy, but in terms of brainpower the gap between the president and his political foes could not have been more evident.

The problem is that Obama comes off as being arrogant. But who can blame him? When you’re forced to deal with the likes of Congressman Eric Cantor, it’s hard not to be condescending. Check out the Daily Show’s take on the health care summit below, and watch Cantor’s face after Obama responds to his call to get government out of health care, telling him, “We could set up a system where food is probably cheaper than it is right now, if we just eliminated meat inspectors.”


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