Sunday, February 21, 2010

From Jackson's Blog – Sablesma

Michael K. Williams (Omar Little from HBO's The Wire)

Explanatory: Trix and I had just gotten bagels delivered, from about two blocks away and it took an hour, but we were happy to stay in bed and wait, and we’re just starting to tuck in when James and Andy head out to actually make the walk.  I wasn’t through another bite of my (Toasted-Everything-Scallion-Cream-Cheese-Cucumbers-Tomatoes-Sprouts) bagel before back comes Jamie, arms up and declaring it time for shots of Patron*.
My reaction, based on the sun’s position in the sky, to say nothing of the previous night’s revelries, was something like “shut the f**k up.”  It may have been “get the f**k out.”  I don’t remember exactly!  Whatever it was, it couldn’t make it all the way out of my mouth without dying a quick death when I saw who followed him in.
Wes said it, and it’s real, tequila’s never gone down so smooth.  We talked about Baltimore, he’d just been down to party with Snoop.  He took another shot and complained about the semi-limited release of the Road, his family couldn’t find it anywhere near them.  He smoked a cigarette inside.  His five-month-old Min Pin with a sweater jacket that read BAD DOG, which his mom bought and he hates but it was very cold, peed on the floor.  We all laughed and loved him for it.  He was very friendly and no one mentioned The Wire but our blank, admiring stares said it all for us and he was very happy to let Jamie take pictures with his very nice camera.  He even got Jamie’s contact information in case he needs any photos taken, which is very exciting.
As he left, he paused at the door and turned, jumping back in to kiss Tricia on the cheek and flash his smile full of very white teeth one more time.  She very nearly had a small breakdown on the spot.  I seriously doubt I’ll ever be so pleased to watch another man kiss my girlfriend.
*This was Jamie’s stated plan all along, as he’d been seen around the neighborhood a few times before.  If he saw him out front, he’d invite him in for Patron.  Bless his heart for following through.
Then I asked him if I could touch his scar, and while doing it he just said “Indeeeed”….

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