Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Special Comment from Keith Olbermann

This may be the most important and best special comment Olbermann has done. A must-see.


mythopolis said...

Oh, dear! As I am sure you must know,this really hit home with me. I was in tears several times while listening. Some shed in empathy, some shed as my own catharsis. My mom, of course. but it also called to mind the terminal illness of a friend, and going to see him while he still was living at home. On his kitchen table sat a single bullet. He picked it up and said, "It's harder than you think." A reference to ending his own life. The last time I saw him was in a hospice facility. He was on a morphine drip, and I sat a long time just hoping he might open his eyes. He had one brief moment of waking and looked at me. I asked "Is there anything I can do?" He slowly lifted his hand to the side of his head and made the sign of a gun with forefinger and thumb. He then drifted away on the morphine. He died two days later. I did find myself wondering if there was a way I could kill him. I felt powerless in not doing so, and even a feeling of having betrayed him.

Thanks for posting this, Dee.

Dee Newman said...

Dan, I had the same experience with my mother. During the last month of her life she must have ask me a half-dozen times to kill her. The last week of her life I almost did.

mythopolis said...

Just posted a more detailed account of the story I alluded to...I do not wish to have my life artificially maintained. I am in the midst of drafting more precise statements of this for any who survive me and think it very important to address these kinds of things. Cremate me, and scatter the ashes as you will.That's my take. I totally understand your situation in your mom's dying. As much as one can, from the outside. Olbermann's commentary was amazing.