Friday, February 26, 2010

Latest in Clinical Nutrition 2009

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mythopolis said...

Hmmm...Well, while I am sure there is so much validity to the content of these presentations, I found the format to be a bit numbing. I found myself getting impatient with it. I am not a vegan, but certainly respect the idea. I don't think the future of meat offers much hope for feeding the overwhelming masses. It is a ridiculous use of land for a relatively small gain, not to mention that the idea of eating other life forms is found by many to be archaic. I am an omnivore, I guess. I grew up on meat and three. Is it kinda stupid to be this way? Probably. I am not even touching on other subjects included in this nutrition study regarding artificial additives in food, etc. The point is, that while I do see ethical issues regarding eating animals, I will still likely be grilling burgers when summer comes. It is a hypocrisy of sorts that I accept. I can fight some battles, but not all of them. I do not yet see a global plan as to how to most efficiently feed the starving masses. Yes, the whole thing about what we consume, and the damage it does is a big issue. But where is the model for the alternative? These videos certainly describe the incongruities, so what is the answer? Not the personal answer of individual choice, but the answer to feeding the starving MILLIONS? Hopefully, we will come up with a viable model one day. Until then, if you are starving, eat whatever you can get your hands on. That's what I'm doing. Do I feel like a whore? Yes.