Thursday, April 29, 2010

From Life's Bones

Where the Buck Always Stops

So, we have a menacing oil blob in the Gulf of Mexico. Some 40 miles wide. 80 miles long. And less than 20 miles off the coast. And costs to contain, clean up, and rebuild will be some one billion dollars. Thankfully, we can feel re-assured that the oil company, BP, in this instance, will accept responsibility for this mess. At least, that's what I heard on the news this morning. The representative from the oil company, being interviewed did say that the oil rig was built and was being operated according to 'regulations'. Never mind that these regulations didn't call for the kind of remote shut-down system that would have nipped the problem in the bud. Something that some other countries such as Brazil and Norway have already figured out. Besides, that's between the oil rig industry that BP essentially sub-contracted to draw the oil, and those who regulate what they do. Still, BP assures us they will do everything possible to set things right. Even if it costs a billion dollars. Unfortunately, we have already learned that if there is a major shake-up with any mega-corporation or industry, it is the 'common folk' who will ultimately pick up the tab. Yikes! That's Me!

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