Friday, April 30, 2010

From Running With the Tao

I just received the following from my good friend Greg Webb:

Dear Friends,

I've just marked two milestones that you have helped make possible, and I want to thank you and share them with you.

Running With The Tao has just been published in its entirety as an 'eBook'!  Anyone with an electronic reading device (Kindle, IPad, etc.) can now add us to their collection.  If you read books online, or know someone who does, please consider visiting the Smashwords website at the link below.  Half the book can be sampled for free, and the regular purchase price of $4.99 is 60% off with the coupon code PP692 for the next thirty days.  Those of you who are really into this new publishing format and feel Running With The Tao is something worth letting others know about may also want to consider becoming a Smashwords affiliate.  I've 'juiced' the royalties to 20% of any net sale an affiliate makes – that's a dollar per book (retail)!  Go to: and have a look around – this is a hopeful and humble beginning, and I really do need (and appreciate) your support!

Secondly, I've just submitted a simple video, via YouTube, to Hay House as part of a possible opportunity to host a radio show and speak at one of their conferences.  I would love it if you could take a minute and check it out – it's a pretty accurate picture of 'me-in-a-nutshell-nowadays', and I think if you watch to the end you'll enjoy it.  The YouTube link is:

Thanks so much – Have a wonderful weekend!!

Greg Webb 

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mythopolis said...

Thanks for including the video in the post. Greg was so very easy to listen to, and I think he would be great as a radio host on subjects of personal enlightenment.
Certainly more of this kind of encouragement is needed.