Friday, May 21, 2010

From Alan Grayson

I just received the following letter from Congressman Grayson. I have only one thing to add to what the congressman has written – Congress has never declared war against anyone in over 60 years. They have only authorized the President to use force. And yet, we have lost over 6,000 troops and spent over $700 billion on the so-called "War on Terror," thus far. In addition, it is estimated that another $700 billion will be spent on long term health care cost for the 60,000 troops who have been physically and emotionally maimed, thus far. So, let's also tell Congress that if they persist on justifying our "use of force" by saying "we are at war" then they must first declare it.

Update: My good friend, Dan, suggests that Congressman Grayson call the Act: 

The So-called War is Making You Poor Act

Dear Dee,

Next week, there is going to be a "debate" in Congress on yet another war funding bill. The bill is supposed to pass without debate, so no one will notice.

What George Orwell wrote about in "1984" has come true. What Eisenhower warned us about concerning the "military-industrial complex" has come true. War is a permanent feature of our societal landscape, so much so that no one notices it anymore.

But we're going to change this. Today, we're introducing a bill called 'The War Is Making You Poor Act'. The purpose of this bill is to connect the dots, and to show people in a real and concrete way the cost of these endless wars. We're working to get co-sponsors in Congress, but, we need citizen co-sponsors as well. Become a citizen cosponsor today at Act Now.

Next year's budget allocates $159,000,000,000 to perpetuate the occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq. That's enough money to eliminate federal income taxes for the first $35,000 of every American's income. Beyond that, leaves over $15 billion to cut the deficit.

And that's what this bill does. It eliminates separate funding for the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, and eliminates federal income taxes for everyone's first $35,000 of income ($70,000 for couples). Plus it pays down the national debt. Does that sound good to you? Then please sign our petition in support of this bill, and help us build a movement to end our permanent state of war.

The costs of the war have been rendered invisible. There's no draft. Instead, we take the most vulnerable elements of our population, and give them a choice between unemployment and missile fodder. Government deficits conceal the need to pay in cash for the war.

We put the cost of both guns and butter on our Chinese credit card. In fact, we don't even put these wars on budget; they are still passed using 'emergency supplemental'. A nine-year 'emergency'.

Let's show Congress the cost of these wars is too much for us.

Tell Congress that you like 'The War Is Making You Poor Act'. No, tell Congress you love it.

All we are saying is "give peace a chance." We will end these wars.



Alan Grayson

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mythopolis said...

The only amendment I would make is to call it: The "So-Called" War Is Making You Poor Act!