Tuesday, May 18, 2010

From Life's Bone

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This Morning's News

This morning I watched an hour of news on one of the four major network news shows. It took a lot of determination to catch a glimpse of the news since it was sandwiched between commercial bombardment. The oil spill took all of 2 minutes. The congressional race required 8 minutes. The story of 5 US troops killed in combat took 1 minute. The story of an Ivy League student imposter who falsified his record took 7 minutes. And it took 4 minutes to bring us up to speed on Dancin' With The Stars news. I got to watch the weather report 4 times! In order to watch all this in-depth (NOT) coverage of the news, I sat through the following commercials, in their order of appearance:

Cars, skin care, instant coffee, car, lawn fertilizer, mayonnaise, promo of a movie release, car, car, affordable dentures, piano store sale, plumbing service, Red Cross, donuts, tv show promo, credit card promo, sunglasses, bathroom cleaner, weight loss supplement, processed cheese, credit card, body wash product, cereal, dvd release promo, fast food breakfast, car, pharmacy, car, piano store sale, fast food, allergy, movie promo, bug exterminator, nutritional beverage, car, flooring, car, hotel, tv show promo, law firm, gold buyers, car paint/body work, law firm, car, dentist, law firm, dentist.

The second hour of 'news coverage' is now beginning, but I don't think I can handle it.

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