Wednesday, May 5, 2010

From The Narrows (Photos)

The Flood Waters Subside

The following photos were taken yesterday afternoon from a perspective that would have been underwater two days ago.

The Road Out of the Narrows

Harris-Street Bridge

Across from Mound Bottoms


mythopolis said...

Amazing and appalling!

mythopolis said...

Just looking at these photos again. Amazing how blue the sky is - with no trace of the dark and stormy clouds that prevailed only a short while ago. Also, there is certainly some bitter irony in that 'Keep Right' sign! And how in the hell did that massive tree get on top of the bridge!? Unbelievable. Also, I wonder how many cattle may have died in this flood. I recall that on the other side of the bluff and across the river, cows used to come down and wade about in the Harpeth on a hot day.