Saturday, May 8, 2010

From Sydney Reichman

Yesterday, I had another weird accident. I’m still not sure how bad it was . . . I was wearing my Lowa hikers because of the demo work I was doing. I had just gotten out of the woods, working on my water system and was heading down to Ernie’s, when the laces of one boot somehow attached themselves to the metal loops of the other boot without me knowing it. Basically, it was like taking a full out step with my feet tied together. As I was going down on concrete my mind flashed, envisioning a head injury or broken arm.

In the end my arm got gorged by the metal on my boots and the top of my right wrist blew up so big I thought it was going to burst . . . I got kinda wiggy mentally which concerned me for awhile (though I now think it was just shock) and there was some rather strange shooting and burning pain in the blow up area of my wrist.

After applying some ice, Al came up and I got into his four-wheeler truck to go down and help him with the tractor that was perched precariously on the side of the hill. Unfortunately, I had to do some cowgirl trick to prevent him from turning over. Throughout the entire ordeal I’m thinking if I don't pull this off, Al could roll over and die on that damn thing (I once had a neighbor in Hickman County that did die that way so I knew it was quite possible) . . . anyway, with only one hand working, my left, and one leg, my right (as I had whacked my knee pretty good when I fell), I miraculously pull it off . . . though I am not really sure how.

Woweezowee!!!!! Just another day in the Flood of 2010.

In addition to all of this, I heard a huge tree fall in the woods. I’m sure many others must be falling when I am not around or inside.

Hope you all are doing well and have some GOOOOOD stories to tell.

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mythopolis said...

Well, I must say I remember Al in a different period of time when we were trying to pull off a wood show in Linton. There was a huge boulder that needed to be up-ended so as to make a forum for a stone carver (Robert Siegenthaler). Al had a grip on it with a Kubota. but the thing was so massive, there was this precarious moment when it was questionable whether the rock would be up-ended, or the Kubota would roll over. Al pulled it off. Keep on truckin', Al.