Thursday, May 13, 2010

Political Verse

It Seems We'll Never Learn

by Dee Newman

With each catastrophe we react.
We search not for solutions, but to absolve
And to assign blame. Once the exact
Count of the bodies has been resolved
And they have been buried, we return
To decadence as the holocausts
Continue. It seems we’ll never learn,
Never accept that the "concealed costs"
Of keeping our cars fueled, our cities lit
Are destroying our precious planet,
That the conquest of corporate
Greed, corruption, and our degenerate
Way of life without any thought-out
Strategy to solve the systemic
Gluttony will one day bring about
An extreme and deadly pandemic,
So widespread, profound, and intense
That it will threaten any naive
Effort to mount a last-ditch defense
That we may belatedly conceive.

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mythopolis said...

We care too little - too late.