Tuesday, June 8, 2010

From Dee (Verse)

Who's to Blame?

There’s no arrangement or rhythm of words
That can describe the magnitude
Of the tragedy as dead dolphins, birds
And turtles wash ashore coated with crude.

The wildlife apocalypse that we’ve feared
For weeks will soon become a horrifying
Reality of human engineered
Recklessness, greed, and relentless lying.

Our insatiable demand for oil
Is inherently harmful. Left to their
On devices, conglomerates have spoiled
Even the most magnificent and rare

Of nature’s wonders. Their wealth and clout
So corrupting the souls of our nation’s
Officials have easily been bought-out
To reduce safeguards and regulations.

And yet, when we take more than what we claim
We are willing to provide and give,
We are all guilty and share in the blame
Of not living simply so others may simply live.

1 comment:

mythopolis said...

It's pretty bad for sure. I don't know which is more threatening, the oil spill, or public indifference.