Tuesday, June 1, 2010

From Jewish Voice For Peace

Activists killed in international waters-Emergency protests today 

Jewish Voice for Peace condemns Israel's attack and killing of members of the Freedom Flotilla aiming to bring much needed aid to the besieged Gaza Strip. Haaretz reports that at least 10 activists have been killed. Al-Jazeera reports that as many as 16 activists are dead. The names of the dead are not yet known. The flotilla passengers included retired US diplomats Amb. Edward Peck and Col. Ann Wright, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mairead Maguire, and former UN assistant Secretary General Denis Halliday, as well as humanitarian aid and human rights workers, several Members of Parliament from Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Turkey, Malaysia, and Palestinian Members of the Knesset.

Before the flotilla was attacked, Yigal Palmor, an Israeli foreign ministry spokesman, said,

 "If we let them throw egg at us, we appear stupid with egg on our face. If we try to prevent them by force, we appear as brutes."

Israel has more than egg on its face. Israel has blood on its hands.

EMERGENCY PROTESTS ALL WEEK! [Click here for details]

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mythopolis said...

I am so tired of these kinds of tantrums!!!