Tuesday, June 22, 2010

From The Narrows (Photos)

On the ridge trail over to the Narrows, a hundred yards from my house, a very old and large red oak tree split into at its base on Saturday. I had been concern about its health for many years. The tree's diameter before it split was right at 5 feet, over 15 feet in circumference. That means that this tree began growing before Tennessee was a state, back before the thirteen colonies won their independence from Great Britain.

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mythopolis said...

Hopefully, the part of the tree still standing will heal up. Too bad to see the 'big guy' come down like that though. Out away from your place, but where the bridge goes over the river, I remember there used to be a huge sycamore tree not far from the water where canoes often pull in. One day, I saw that someone had cut it down. The apparent reason was that, in one portion of the trunk that was hollow that had a large bee hive. I guess it was cut for the honey, since most of the hive was gone, except for a few pieces of broken combs lying on the ground.