Friday, June 11, 2010

Helen Thomas (Political Verse)

by Dee Newman

The old lady who has sat in the front row
At Presidential press conferences the past
Fifty years, asking tough questions her fellow
White House colleagues were too damn timid to ask,

Was finally taken down by the extensive
Zionist and pro-Israeli confluence
For her outspoken, frank, and “reprehensive”
Challenge to their strength, power, and influence.

Though she’s been vilified by a multitude
Of critics and lauded by some, I believe, we
Owe her both our respect and our gratitude
For defending our fragile democracy

From the indifference and complacency,
The lies, distortions, misinformation,
Waste, ineptitude, and inefficiency
Of ev’ry Presidential administration.

Let’s hope that someone in the White House Press Corps
Will have both the courage and the discretion
To take her place as their conscience and restore
The wretched reputation of their profession.

1 comment:

mythopolis said...

She is a rare one, and I would love to read the history of her life.