Friday, June 25, 2010

A Hike Over to The Narrows (Photos)

I have had numerous encounters with copperheads over my life time. Some will remain in my memory till I die.

When I was eleven my father and I one summer drove out to an old abandoned homestead to gather stones from the remains of an old stone chimney. As my father stop to explain and demonstrate how to safely pick up each stone (making sure to first lift only one end of the stone, keeping it between you and whatever may be beneath it), the nose of a large copperhead struck the end of my fathers left middle finger as he lifted the stone. Both of us must have jumped several feet backwards. If you survive, experiential learning trumps abstract learning every time.

A year ago this past May, some of you may have read an account I posted of another encounter with a copperhead called Even Severed Heads Can Bite. If not, take a look-see.


mythopolis said...

Great shots, and great moments. I try to keep an eye out for copperheads. Your dad's wisdom, was well taken. I was turning over boards at a sawmill, and suddenly came across one. He was not happy with me disturbing his nap. I was using a crowbar to flip boards with, and so I killed him with that. Two brutal blows. I did it out of fear he would strike at me. In retrospect, I think of it as a panicking. Some sense it was him or me. I think, if I had just stepped back, and paid him my respects, he would have slithered away, most likely. there must be some kind of moral in that.

Dee Newman said...

A year ago this past May, I posted another encounter with a copperhead called "Even Severed Heads Can Bite". You might what to read it, as well. I'll post the link at the end of this post.

mythopolis said...

Thanks. I just read that account. Even though I try to be mindful of the presence of Copperheads here and there, it always seems that when you least suspect it, there is one right there at your in your story! The photos were amazing.