Tuesday, June 8, 2010

John Prine Singing Paradise


mythopolis said...

Thanks, that's a great clip I hadn't seen before. I first started catching John in the Chicago clubs back in the late 60's. Actually, I was a teacher then, and his brother was one of my students. I think it was his brother that actually turned me on to John!

Dee Newman said...

I believe the first time I saw John Prine was at the old Exit-End. He was in the audience sitting at a table next to me. Another guy from Chicago, Steve Goodman, was performing. Before the night was over half of the audience that was made up of other singer/songwriters including Prine were on the stage with Goodman. That was one magical night!!!

Over the years I have heard John perform numerous times.

After his throat surgery and radiation treatments for cancer in the late 90s and after he was back on the road singing again, I once talked with him at an airport. That too, was a great experience. To this day, he still says "hey" when I see him around town.