Saturday, July 17, 2010

From the Narrows (Photos)


mythopolis said...

Beautiful images! What is that flower the butterfly and bumble bee are enjoying? The red vine it grows on is interesting.

As a child, when we came across a bumble bee in a Rose of Sharon blossom, we would cup the flower and carefully close it. Then we would pluck it, and carry the bee around, holding the flower to our ears to hear it's loud hum. Poor creature, we weren't meaning to be cruel. We would drop the flower and run, and he would come buzzing out.

Great shots, Dee. Thanks. I've got to get out that way one of these days!

Dee Newman said...

Thanks, Dan. I believe they are some type of wild morning glory. I’ve read that the seeds of many species of morning glory contain ergot alkaloids, a hallucinogen. And, can produce a similar effect to LSD when taken in the hundreds. Unfortunately, for those who like to chemically alter their state of mind, the seeds that are found in many gardening stores are often coated with some chemical agent to retard spoilage, which can cause neurological damage in humans.