Saturday, August 21, 2010

From Susannah Randolph: Alan Grayson's Campaign Manager

I just received the following:

Dear Dee,

Hi! I'm Susannah Randolph, Alan Grayson's Campaign Manager.

There are 48 hours to go, and we are almost halfway toward the $300K goal for our Monday Moneybomb, at Thanks to over 4000 people like you.

I have a special request.

Would you please forward this e-mail to five friends or more, and ask them to participate?

Tell them that Alan Grayson says what you are thinking, but no one else is saying.

Tell them that Alan Grayson fights to improve the lives of ordinary people.

Tell them that Alan Grayson stands up to right-wing lies and slander.

Tell them that Alan Grayson can lead us toward a future of Justice, Equality, and Peace.

Tell them that Alan Grayson is the first Democrat to represent his district in 34 years, that he won in 2008 with 52% of the vote, and that he needs our help.

On Tuesday, the Republicans choose our opponent. On Monday, let's send them a message at, and drop the MoneyBomb on them.

Show them that you want Alan Grayson representing us in Congress. You, and five of your friends.


Susannah Randolph

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