Friday, August 6, 2010

Political Verse: A Pure and Natural State

by Dee Newman

Those who strongly oppose gay marriage
Believe that homosexuality
Is merely a choice they must disparage
As a disgusting abnormality,
Condemned by God’s (alleged) biblical word.
Implicit in this belief is an inference
That sexuality is considered
By them to be a nurtured preference,
Rather than a pure and natural state.
My question is: what was the actual
Occasion, specific time and the date
They chose to be heterosexual,
         Denying some other proclivity
         For a more accepted identity?


mythopolis said...

Everybody must work out their own truths, I suppose. Reality is what we have been trained to think it is. Hey, (religious ) teachers, leave those kids alone!!

Stickup Artist said...

You make a good point. I recall no such moment.