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Published: Friday, 20 Aug 2010 | 2:20 PM ET

By: Erin Kitzie


"Trash Inc: The Secret Life of Garbage" will premiere on Wednesday, September 29th at 9pm. The documentary will repeat that evening at 10pm, 12am and 1am.

The show will also air on Sunday, October 3rd at 10pm.

"Trash Inc: The Secret Life of Garbage"

Garbage... It's everywhere - even in the middle of the oceans - and it's pure gold for companies like Waste Management and Republic Services who dominate this $52 billion a year industry. Money is made at every point - from curbside collection by $250,000 trucks to tonnage fees at transfer stations, from where trash is transported by rail, truck or barge to landfills.

At $1 million an acre, modern landfills are technological marvels - a far cry from the town dump that still resonates in people's perceptions. Not only do they make money for their owners, they add millions to the economic wellbeing of the towns that house them. Technologies, such as Landfill Natural Gas and Waste To Energy, are even making it possible for landfills and trash to generate power - which is helping solve mounting problems in Hawaii, where disposal space is an issue, and China, where land and energy are needed and trash is plentiful.

In this CNBC documentary, "Squawk Box" Co-Anchor Carl Quintanilla will look at garbage - how we create it, how we get rid of it, and how we often just put it out of sight all at significant cost to individuals and society alike.One thing about the garbage business, it's always picking up.

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