Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Photos from my Trip


mythopolis said...

The sunflower field is amazing. Reminds me of climbing this hill to Van Gogh's grave. Along the way we passed a field such as this, and he painted several pieces looking out on that. We picked a handful of sunflowers and carried them up to the small cemetery to place on his grave. He and brother Theo were buried side by side. They shared a common blanket of ivy.

Great shots!

Dee Newman said...

Dan, thanks for sharing that . . . I thought of Van Gogh when I was taking these photos.

Stickup Artist said...

Oh Dee, that sunflower field is absolutely gorgeous. How I would love to have looked out over this view. What a breath of fresh air. It takes my breath away!

Shrinky said...

I thought of my own sweet Sam, seeing these sunflowers. We always plant a few each year with him.

Btw, I came over via Dan's site.

As a baby, my lad was gifted a soft toy of a sunflower, which he still sleeps with today (he is 17, and lives with autism). He also is as innocent, welcoming and warm as the toy he sleeps with. I can never see a sunflower without thinking of him (smile).

Btw, I turned to the other side - having been raised in a family of ethical vegitarians, I rebelled and embraced my carnivorous side (my sis' went the other way, she and her family are strictly vegan), and I both admire and understand what drives you.

Beautiful photography here, I am so glad I popped by.