Monday, September 20, 2010

Thanks Dan for this Link

Béla Tarr: Damnation -scene- 


mythopolis said...

I just watched this film in its entirety today. It is 2 hours long and captivating. This is a short film by Tarr's standards. Salah just posted another clip of a different film of Tarr's on his blogsite Unfettered Swallow. (I have a link for his site at my site). This second film is 450 minutes long!

mythopolis said...

The song, as sung by Vali Kereke, in Hungarian, ttanslates as follows:

"It's's all over...over...and there won't be another, it won't be good ever again...maybe never more. It's like a nightmare, where is somebody new? Where will he come from, if he comes? Or, won't he come ever again? Maybe never more. Take it, or leave it. What can you do? You lose your words, yet, cannot go. It's been over long ago. It's good there's Shangri-La, good to know I won't be here long, take it, or leave it. So, honey, why? Why must it be over...over now? And there won't be another. It won't be good ever again. Maybe never more. He's got my soul, things are going his way, without him this world is barren....with him life is full and happy. How could it be over? Silly. Never again. Maybe never more. It's over. There's no end now. And it can't fade... ever again...never maybe...maybe never more."