Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Comment

The following was posted as a comment from a reader of my Blog. Owen has his own Blog (Magic Lantern Show) which I highly recommend visiting.

by Owen

December 12, 2010 11:32 AM

I've been looking at the US from the outside now for nearly 20 years, after having lived on the inside for over 30 years, and all I can say, is it keeps looking sadder and stranger from afar.

The bright and shining ideals are being trampled in the mud by bickering idiots of "leaders" so obsessed with their own press reviews that they cannot, and probably will not ever, pull together to work as a team to try to create a more just society.

The backstabbing petty politics between democrats and republicans are the epitome of a system rotten to the core with greed and corruption, driven by lobbyists who will buy votes at any cost.

The crass ignorance of a Sarah Palin surfing on her little wave of lipstick gloss and the press hanging on her every word are frankly scary. The obsession with sports and inane movies while three quarters of the world's (admittedly far too large) population are starving to death, forests are being annihilated, the seas are being polluted on a scale never before seen, emptied of fish and whales, and numerous species of animals are being driven to extinction... simply disgusts me.

We may wake up one day, but I fear it will be one day too late.

America could and should be leading the push for more intelligent use of natural resources, and instead we are laying low while our corporations are raping the planet. The machine is out of control...

Sorry for the blunt rant, but I am far beyond disbelief.


mythopolis said...

Well, Owen...I think we need to go hit a bar and throw back a few shots. My theory is that the only thing that can save us now is a humongus asteroid that virtually kills most of us off. Then, the survivors can try to start over and hope not to screw things up again!

Stickup Artist said...

Hold off on that asteroid till AFTER I get back from Joshua Tree :-)

mythopolis said...

Will do, Stickup!