Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A New Post from Black Beans and Broccoli

The Base Beauty

By Dee Newman

When she called my name I recognized her immediately. Less than a week earlier I had watched her walk across a temporary stage in front of the base commissary. At the time I remember turning to my friend Larry and saying, “Now, that’s a good looking WAVE.” Within an hour she was accepting the title: Base Beauty.

I had arrived at the Naval Air Technical Training Center from boot camp only a month earlier. Since I had had a comprehensive oral and dental examination in San Diego, I believed my dental appointment that day would be merely a routine exam. Nevertheless, given the technology of dentistry in 1965, I was, admittedly, experiencing that morning some mild degree of dental anxiety.

As she escorted me to the examination room my uneasiness began to melt. This could actually be a pleasurable experience, I thought.

To read the entire short story click here. (for adults only) 

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